Shaken Or (Vigorously) Stirred?

Below, each Effusio disc details further individualized instructions to optimize disc performance. Although some discs require a bit more effort on your part, we know the benefits packed into every disc will make it all worthwhile.





Prebiotic +, Perform +

🐇 Easy effuse (~45 seconds)

Effortless Dissolve

Soluble: A quick stir should do

Sleep +, Move +,

🦦 Average Effuse (~1 minute)

Quick Dissolve

Average: Lightly stir, tap glass, or shake

Immune Defense +, Kids +

🐢 Patient effuse (~2 minutes)

Average Dissolve

Dissolvable: Stir or shake vigorously

More Than Just a Pretty Beverage

At Effusio, we use the finest ingredients from around the world – derived from natural sources.  And we use both water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients, together with unique ingredients and proprietary nutrient complexes.

Taste the Future

Effusio chooses nutrients, botanicals, formats, and doses that deliver clinical efficacy. A science-y way of saying we’re making sure you’ll feel the difference when you use Effusio. 

We’re so much more than just a pretty bottle. Every formula is distinctly unique, meaning each formula has its own look, dissolving and performing a bit differently depending on the environment and the liquid being used. 

We’re About To Go All Billy Nye

One of the novel delivery formats we use at Effusio is called a phytosome – a special ingredient that makes botanicals and nutrients more absorbable. 

🤯We’re talking like ~20x times absorbable. 🤯

Why would Effusio use a fat-soluble phytosome format, which makes our discs perform differently, if we didn’t have to? 

Well, that’s an easy one! We use phytosome complexes because they deliver better efficacy. WAY better. We’re okay with doing things the hard way – because it’s easier that way to benefit your health.