Our sustainability stance

The only label we like is the one that tells you what’s in our products.

But if you must know, we are dreamers, innovators, physicians, nutritionists, scientists, and health fanatics who pride ourselves on not following the herd and by doing things differently. We don’t think of ourselves as a brand, but as a movement – a movement that will make the world more nourished and more sustainable. A better place overall. And while dropping a disc in a liquid might not seem like a big deal, even the smallest drop can make a wave in the ocean.

With the simple drop of an Effusio™ disc, even a glass of water can be transformed into something more – a health-infused beverage for more healthy living and a more sustained environment. By utilizing Thorne Research’s industry-leading ingredient quality and world-class nutritional formulas to craft our nutrient-filled discs, we bring you a nutritional solution that will improve how you feel, without the excesses found in today’s functional health drinks.

And by ignoring the traditional production processes that make plastic bottles, our obsessive focus on delivering a plastic-free, nearly zero carbon footprint disc sticks it to the status quo of the supply chain and packaging industry and creates a movement for a healthier planet. #SustainabilityGoals

Talk about a refreshing new take on today’s over-processed and over-packaged “health” drinks!


A DIFFERENT Supply Chain

Effusio discs use 75% less CO2 emissions*

Water Mining

Effusio discs use 1/3 of the water*

Greenhouse Gases

Effusio disc production emits 53% less greenhouse gases*

Source: Independent Study by Industry-leading Sustainability Group, July 2020
*per 8oz. serving, compared to a plastic bottle of competitor functional beverage



We pride ourselves on having developed Effusio discs with no plastic in our packaging. Not only is this healthier for the planet, it’s healthier for you. A recent study¹ found that without immediate and sustained action, the annual flow of plastic into our oceans could nearly triple by 2040.

By now, we know where that plastic ends up…not only in our oceans, but also in our food supply.

Currently, if no action is taken to address plastic production and pollution, the amount of plastic entering our oceans each year would swell from 11 million metric tons to 29 million metric tons over the next 20 years.

To put it in perspective, that’s nearly 110 pounds of plastic for each meter of coastline worldwide. The cumulative amount could reach 600 million tons – or the equivalent in weight of 3 million blue whales.

Source: 1. The Pew Charitable Trusts and SYSTEMIQ, July 2020 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/07/200723203945.htm

"Our results indicate the plastic crisis is solvable. It took a generation to create this challenge; this report shows it can be solved in one generation. Today we have all the solutions required to stem the flow of plastic. What we need now is the industry, government, and private resolve to do so."

Martin Stuchtey, SYSTEMIQ's founder and managing partner.

But there is good news.

There are solutions that can cut this volume by 80 percent using technologies that are available today – and that’s what Effusio has set out to do.

We are trailblazing the plastic-free path forward, and we are committed to supporting ocean conservation groups as we grow.

Our environmental responsibility roadmap is already employing eco-friendly, plastic reduction tactics like:

Substituting plastic with Mother Earth-approved alternatives, and working towards compostable materials

Designing products and packaging that can be recycled and launching next-generation packaging using home compostable material in 2021

Reducing plastic waste exports

Using packaging that doesn’t cause packaging recovery and recycling system issues

Utilizing a paperless “pick, pack, and ship” – nearly all of our shipping supplies are made from recycled materials

Providing solutions Captain Planet would be proud of


Our work is never done.

Being environmentally responsible requires constant evolution. Through rigorous testing, we know our aluminum pouches are the best plastic-free solution to preserve our discs from degrading and to maintain their effectiveness through their shelf-life. Although this component is not fully recyclable, the carton container is earth-approved, 100-percent recyclable (no plastic stickers either!), and we are working toward total home compostable packaging in the near future. 

As Effusio continues to evolve, we will remain dedicated to our role to practice environmental responsibility. This includes our pledge to implement initiatives that will ultimately result in 100% zero-waste practices.