We’re as transparent as a plastic bottle, but much better for the environment.

To get to the goodness inside, tear across at the perforated notch at the top of the pouch, then tear down, removing side edge of pouch. Peel pouch apart and gently pull out the disc. Use immediately after opening. 

Even if the disc is ripped or broken up before it’s added to your beverage, you’ll still get all the benefits from the stellar ingredients inside.

Some discs can stick to the pouch, making them difficult to peel off, but it just means it likely got a little warm during shipping. Give the box a quick cool down in the refrigerator for 24 hours – then it will be ready to drop, effuse, stir and drink. 

Effusio discs can be mixed into many of your favorite beverages: water, sparkling water, tea, a smoothie, or whatever you use to wet your whistle. We do recommend mixing a disc with at least eight ounces of liquid to allow the disc to fully dissolve and achieve its maximum benefit. Depending on the temperature of your beverage, the time to fully dissolve can vary.  

Note: If you do mix it with a smoothie, then add the disc before blending or dissolve it in a small amount of water first.

*Note for Prebiotic + – We recommend not mixing with hot water.

Although it depends on the liquid’s temperature, you should see the disc naturally dissolve within one minute. But, hey, we get it, you’ve got places to be. To speed things up, simply stir (or shake if added to a bottled beverage). Separation is natural and each disc effuses uniquely.

You can effuse a disc in whatever temperature liquid you choose, although effusion times can vary. For best results, don’t effuse Prebiotic + in hot water.  

We buried ourselves in scientific processes to create something truly special. Effusio by Thorne integrates decades of systems engineering expertise in print technology and print methods with the manufacturing technology expertise use to make nutritional supplements. The Effusio science and medical teams use this expertise to create “printed” compositions of nutritional ingredients in the form of discs.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and we’re working hard to deliver home-compostable packaging. However, through our stability testing program, we found that aluminum packaging is the best material to provide barrier protection of our ingredients, and does have less waste and environmental impact than traditional plastic.

Of course! It’s just like no two snowflakes being the same. Although every disc is created with the same high-quality ingredients, Effusio’s proprietary manufacturing method results in slightly non-uniform shapes of the discs. But despite the slight variation in shape, every disc contains the labeled amount of nutrients and will work equally effectively. Actually, the tiny holes create more surface area to help the disc effuse faster in liquid.

We want to give you creative control over how you flavor a beverage, so, depending on the disc formula, they are flavored with a light essence – which allows the disc to be more versatile and suit different beverage types. For example, Prebiotic + has a pomegranate berry flavor, Sleep + has a blueberry flavor, and Immune Defense + has a Meyer lemon flavor. But the flavor is almost neutral, so all of the discs can be added to your beverage of choice.

Eff yeah.

 No formulas contain ingredients derived from animal origin.

Eff yeah.

Because of their dissolvable delivery format, Effusio Prebiotic + discs are safe to give to children, ages 4 and up, while Immune Defense + and Sleep + are safe to give to for children, ages 12 and up. All discs are safe for adults, and especially so for the elderly who might have difficulty swallowing supplements in the traditional tablet or capsule format.

We recommend you consult your health-care practitioner if you’re pregnant or nursing before using any Effusio product.

Yep. There are no issues with taking other Thorne supplements with a beverage mixed with an Effusio disc.

Consult your health-care provider before taking Effusio if you are taking a prescription medication.

The suggested use is to mix one disc with your preferred beverage once daily.

Why wait? Effusio is best consumed immediately after dissolving for best results. But it’s still safe to drink the beverage if it’s been sitting for a while. So drink up!

There’s no need to. We have added the optimal amount of ingredients in one disc for once-daily use.

Although an Effusio disc will dissolve in almost any amount of water, we recommend eight fluid ounces for best results.

Prebiotic + contains:

• PreforPro® – an ingredient that balances gut bacteria*

• GreenSelect® – an optimally absorbed, decaffeinated green tea extract Pomegranate extract to support intestinal immune function*

• AuroraBlue® – a proprietary complex of Vaccinium blueberry species hand-picked in Alaskan rain forests and tundra

Sleep + contains:

• Melatonin – a natural sleep-promoting hormone*

• Suntheanine® – the most highly-studied L-theanine on the market, this amino acid supports calming effects for body and mind*

• Chamomile – a restorative-sleep botanical*

Immune Defense + contains:

• Quercetin phytosome – using proprietary technology to enhance immune function*

• Vitamin C, zinc, and vegan vitamin D3 – a trio of nutrients optimized for absorption and primed to support your immune function*

This depends on the formula. We recommend not taking Sleep + until, well, you are ready to sleep. Otherwise, it’s your call!

Doing either one is perfectly okay.

Shaking or stirring will help speed up dissolving time, depending on if you add to a bottle or glass.

Effusio cartons are best stored in your refrigerator and discs should be used immediately after opening pouch.

18 months from manufacturer’s date on packaging.

18 months from manufacture date on the packaging.