Nutrients, Uncapped
A simple idea

The simple idea behind Effusio is that one disc plus any liquid equals a healthier you.

Effusio creates innovative and intuitive products that meet your daily supplement needs – products that complements your health routine, not complicates it.

Effusio leverages the innovation, quality, purity, and potency standards of Thorne supplements – the recognized industry leader in health solutions – to make a dissolvable, nutrient-rich disc that turns any liquid into a healthy beverage.

Say goodbye to excess
hello to the essentials.

Dreaming of better sleep? We’ve got you covered. Ready to kickstart your day and keep focused? Can do. Our experts created a collection of functional formulas that address the stresses and strains of a modern lifestyle.

Simply drop an Effusio disc into your beverage of choice and watch as it dissolves – infusing the liquid with nutritional support from readily absorbed vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.*

With a passion for keeping you – and the planet – as healthy as possible, Effusio is a revolutionary and sustainable health solution. With zero unnecessary ingredients and packaging, you’re free to reimagine and enhance the way you hydrate with Effusio.

The Disc

Let’s Disc-us
years developing

Our science and medical teams have spent years developing the Effusio disc. By sourcing the best ingredients from around the world, we crafted formulas that act fast and absorb better.

The process that creates Effusio discs results in something special. Effusio discs are so different and unique, they aren’t even identical to one another. But hey, looks aren’t everything. But each disc still contains 100 percent of the stellar ingredients listed on the label. We like to think Effusio discs are perfectly imperfect – just like all of us.

We’re all different
shouldn’t what you drink be too?

Personalize how you get your nutritional support by where you drop your disc. Effusing time can vary depending on the type of liquid or temperature:


A glass of water for supercharged hydration or your reusable bottle for on-the-go support

Your favorite plant-based milk for a lightly flavored functional elixir

A smoothie or a fruit juice to level up your fresh fruits and veggies with more absorbable nutrients

Tea or coffee (but not recommended with Sleep +) to kickstart any moment with an Effusio boost


(with the right ingredients)
it’s not about how much
it’s about what kind

For example, many functional beverages have some vitamins in them – that’s how they say they’re healthy, right? For example, grab a bottle of any health drink off the shelf and you're likely to see vitamin B12 listed on the label. But all vitamin B12’s are not the same.

Typically, most functional beverages use the cyanocobalamin form of vitamin B12 – a form that’s not readily usable by the body. Effusio will use vitamin B12 in its methylated form – methylcobalamin – which is the fancy way of saying it's vitamin B12 in its active, tissue-ready form. And it’s not just the vitamin B12 that will be in Effusio.

Only The Essentials

We take this approach for every ingredient that goes into an Effusio disc. It’s a less-is-more approach – the same approach we apply to our packaging. The result is a minimal-ingredient formula that provides the most absorbable, body-friendly ingredients that let our formulas get to work right away supporting your health.