Nutrients Uncapped.

Effusio™ is the world's first dissolvable beverage disc.

So Future-y!

Like a functional beverage, unlike any other functional beverage

Check out what makes us unique. And by unique we mean friggin cool. And by cool we mean unique.

disc differences

Let’s take a look at what makes a beverage made with an Effusio disc different (and better) than your “go to” bottled beverage.

every great hero has a
back story

Discover the beginning of Effusio and what makes us different from other functional beverages.

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aw naw

Everything we're not makes us every thing we are.


Beyond being a healthier alternative to sugar-filled beverages, Effusio is a more sustainable form of nutrition. Our goal: leave as little of a carbon footprint on the planet as possible - while sticking it to the big beverage industry.

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